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My Background


After working in Television for many years, I tried painting, something that intimated me but always inspired me.  I think years of thinking about light, composition, and telling a story has helped me develop into the artist I am today. I've studied with many teachers through classes and workshops, always taking away something to help my work.

My Medium


I use different mediums and surfaces my art. I work with watercolor & acrylics on traditional surfaces such as paper & canvas, but I also love to create collaged imagery or let the paint just "go" on Yupo, a plastic medium.  I like to embellish with texture and "found" objects. Being an artist opens the world to every possibility.

My Inspiration


I think I have a genetic love of gardening, everyone in my family loves digging in the dirt. Many of my pieces are directly influenced living things. But when doing abstract, I just let myself go.  I'm not really on any path, I just let my mind take hold of my hands and I'm generally very happy where it leads.